the hillbillies…

have officially moved in.

The new neighbours are awful. Simply awful.
They’re having a housewarming tonight, so stay tuned for an abundance of profanity :D

As our numbers increase, so space for other animals and plants decreases. Our skills and technological ingenuity seem to know no bounds. Having ventured to every corner of our planet, we are now beginning to look beyond it. We are conducting experiments to find out how to grow food to sustain ourselves should we manage to extend the territory of our species to Mars.
Men impressed their footprints on the moon a mere three and a half million years after the first of them to walk upright left theirs across a field of volcanic ash in Africa. This is a mere blink in the eye of evolution. In that short time we, alone among all animals, have discovered how to exploit our environment to produce more and more food to sustain our unparalleled numbers. In so doing we have denied the earth to other species to such an extent that many have been driven into extinction and many more are now trembling on the brink.
Perhaps the time has come, when we should put our aspirations into reverse. Perhaps now, instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of our population, we should find ways of controlling our population to ensure the survival of our gravely threatened environment.
DAVID ATTENBOROUGH, The Life of Mammals (via zoo-logic)
it’s all downhill from here..

Alright, so I finally made it on to Tumblr.
I could blame peer pressure or the need to feel socially “hip”.. but in all honesty, I just needed a place to vent.
A diary might have sufficed if I didn’t loathe writing so much.
So, here I am to log my rather mundane existence in a rather public manner. Or I might make it private. I haven’t thought that far ahead.

Starting with my disclaimer..
I am not attempting to be witty, funny, intellectual or in any way super Tumblr savvy.
I am none of those.

I was going to write a “journal” type entry today, but the process of simply signing up has exhausted me.
Chances are I will write something later… when my my mood picks up.
(cannot guarantee at this stage)